6 Steps To Using A Heat Press Machine

6 Steps To Using A Heat Press Machine

Using heat press machine to create roundtable T-shirt is actually an incredibly easy process. Was people are intimidated because it never used one of the machines before. However the creators of the machines generally design them to be used for anyone age 13 and up. This means that any function at all is going to be able to do so.

First thing that you need to do is choose what kind of imager design you’re going to be doing heat transfer onto your shirt off. This is probably the most fun step in the whole process. You can design your graphic on your computer and then printed out using some heat transfer paper. If you’re not very good at designing, you can always hire a designer online for like $10 and get them to design it for you.

The second thing you have to do after you get your design is to print it out using heat transfer paper. However, you’re going to make sure that you printed out in reverse. If you printed out the way that it appears on the screen then your image is going to be backwards when you doing the heat transfer. You’re going to definitely want to buy heat transfer paper that is either a clear film or a are kind of opaque color to it.

The third thing that you do easier gonna be wanting to take that piece of heat transfer paper that you just printed on and cut out any nonessential parts from it. So pretty much just cut out the design that you made. Want to get as close to the design as you can, without actually hitting the design itself. Remember that whatever you actually don’t cut is going to end up being transferred onto your piece of clothing. That’s why I always recommend to make easy to cut out designs on the computer.

The fourth step is probably the easiest and that’s to simply take the cut out piece of design that you have input onto your T-shirt. You don’t want to put it facedown onto the T-shirt. Remember that the way you put it down is the way that it’s going to be printed out on your shirt. Always take a second to double check your work so you get the right way of printing it.

The fifth step is to simply place your T-shirt and your design onto the heat transfer machine. Assuming that the heat press machine has been set to the appropriate temperature, you’re going to simply press down onto the machine for about 45 seconds. After 45 seconds you can lift up the cover of the heat press machine and take off her garment.

The last step is simply peel away the heat transfer paper that is on your garment. Be careful when you do this and make sure that it’s cooled first. Once it’s off you’re done with the whole process. You’ll not have a wonderfully heat press T-shirt for you to use.

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