Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting started making her own clothes is probably the funnest part. Everything is always going to start with the design. Much like an architect creating their first building, you’re definitely going to want to sketch out what you want the end product to be. You don’t want to go into the spline because you’ll end up wasting a ton of time in a ton of money.

Grab yourself some basic plane printer paper and start drawing. I don’t recommend that you draw an actual stick figure for a person because it’s only gonna clutter with on your page. You’re just going to want to draw the fabric in the dress.

So how are you start sketching? Grab a pencil and draw way.

If you need some inspiration then you can quickly browse through all the magazines and flyers that you get in the mail. Most people generally tend to ignore those a connection be a great source of the latest fashion trends. When you’re making their first articles of clothing it’s probably best to just mimic what everyone else is doing. There’s going to be lots of times to be creative with your clothing making later on.

When you’re doing your sketches are definitely going to be erasing and restarting a lot. It takes a long time to be able to perfect the art of actually designing your own dress. You’ll quickly be able to see what works and what doesn’t work. He also be able to see your taste evolve as you go through the whole process. I highly recommend that you take pictures as you go along.

If you plan on using heat press machine later on to transfer some vinyl at your garments I highly recommend that you create a separate section on the piece of paper for that. I liked always draw the heat press machine with my garment and it so I can envision what the whole process is going to look like. Also you want to take note of the temperature that the heat press machine needs to be set up. This is why it’s important that your spinal codify record of using well in advance. Different fabrics require different temperatures on heat press machine in order to have a proper heat transfer of the vinyl onto the garment.

If you think that you’re going to hit a creative block I suggest that you walk away. Generally when I’m creating my dresses I can only do so for about 35 minutes at a time. Then I go for a walk clear my head and get back to it. Members must be a fun process and this isn’t going to be your job. Have fun with the whole thing.

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